September 21st, 2019


This Journal

I see no one is actually following this journal anymore. I'll continue to post fic here mostly for me--I'd rather have several places to post my stuff just in case--but of course, I'll be posting at AO3 as well. Some stories might only be posted there, but with a link here for those who want it.

I'm not kidding myself--interest will drop off drastically in the coming year, which means writers like me will drop stories like lead balloons. Still, Supernatural has a great deal of potential and tons of ideas to explore even without getting new shows, but interest tends to wane when one's heroes aren't showing up fresh and new each week. There's nothing out there at all that interests me enough to write for it, so I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing. We shall see!

I do want to illustrate the new story I'm working on. Doing that for In the Garden(of memory) was so much fun, and that means I probably will post here first. I'm really looking forward to getting to the point that I can start posting stuff. :)