February 11th, 2020


Title: Shout My Name (at heaven's gate) J2, R, part 6/?

Title: Shout My Name (at heaven's gate) part 6/?
Pairings/Characters: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Word Count: 4468
Summary: Anno Domini 1951, fifty years after the failed Fertility experiments, the world still deals (somewhat successfully) with the mutations the experiments brought. With the advent of successful mechanical wombs, and a resurgence of female fertility, Carriers finally won full civil rights, and a new type slavery was abolished. Still, in many small towns and rural parts of America, in isolated communities, carriers were still viewed with suspicion, distaste, or horror.
This is the world Jared finds himself having to navigate.

A/N: All hail fufaraw, holder of the compass!

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